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Everything about your participation in the Race Across The Alps


The race admits up to 50 long-distance riders who are able to complete the almost 525 km distance, including the 14,500 metres of altitude difference, within 32 hours.

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Registration conditions & services:

Entry fee per single starter € 490 gross

Individual race:
1st place 3.200,00 €
2nd place 2.000,00 €
3rd place 1.000,00 €
4th place 600,00 €
5th place 400,00 €
6th place 200,00 €
7th place 150,00 €
8th place 150,00 €
9th place 100,00 €
10th place 100,00 €


Start: Friday, 28.06.2024 - 13:00 at the Postplatz Nauders (subject to change).

Tracking is done by a GPS tracker.

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday at 16:30 in the marquee (subject to change).

All riders have to complete the course within 32 hours.

During the entire Race Across The Alps, the road traffic regulations apply, which must be observed at all times. There are no exceptions, i.e. the usual road traffic rules apply. In particular, the absolute prohibition of driving on the left, the observance of traffic regulations, traffic light regulations and the instructions of the road and track personnel must be observed.

The Race Across The Alps is a cycling tourism event. There are therefore no road closures and oncoming traffic is to be expected along the entire route. In addition, grazing livestock could be on the route. So be absolutely careful.

The organiser accepts no liability for accidents and damages. With your registration you accept the conditions of participation.

By registering for the Race Across The Alps you accept the following conditions:

The organiser is excluded from liability for any damages. If you are injured in any way during your participation in the cycling event, there is no right to compensation from the organiser, the neighbouring communities, the owners of private roads or other representatives. You are insured yourself by means of a liability insurance.

With your registration you confirm that you are physically fit and have trained sufficiently for the Race Across The Alps. You also confirm that your date of birth is correct. You may not change your race number or pass it on to another participant without prior notice.

The organiser reserves the right to shorten the route in the event of bad weather, unforeseen events or official orders, to change the time limit for individual parts of the route or the entire route or to cancel the event in whole or in part in the event of imminent danger to the participants.

In these cases of subsequent impossibility of performance, no refund of the registration fee will be made. It is possible to transfer the ticket to the following year.

Wearing a helmet is compulsory for all participants.

Your bicycle must be equipped for road traffic in accordance with the legal safety regulations.

At least two persons with a driving licence must be seated in the support vehicle. The reason for this is, among other things, that the drivers of the support vehicle have to change over after five hours at the latest.


Tracking is done by a GPS tracker.

1. The road traffic regulations must be observed without exception. Non-compliance will result in exclusion from the event and appropriate official measures.
2. It is your duty to provide first aid in the event of an accident. Failure to render assistance is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code.
3. Care must be taken when driving along sections of the route where visibility is difficult. 
4. Do not just accelerate on descents, but stay ready to brake.
5. Repair breakdowns at easily visible locations outside the race track.
6. In case of bad weather, each participant has to equip him/herself accordingly - we are in high alpine terrain.
7. It is forbidden to shortcut the routes.
8. The instructions given by the event team, the security bodies and the support vehicles must be followed without exception.
9. Participants are requested not to throw away waste along the route.
10. Disregarding these rules will result in disqualification

Subject to change