Race Across The Alps 2024

Announcement & Regulations

The “Race Across The Alps” with start and finish in the Reschenpass municipality of Nauders is considered by racing cyclists to be the toughest one-day event in the world.

This extreme cycling event takes place annually in June and is a great physical and mental challenge for the participants.
The mountain roads to be ridden on have illustrious names and are mostly on the terrain of the Giro d`Italia and well-known Tour de Suisse stages. These include the Stelvio Pass, Gavia Pass, the Italian ski station Aprica, the extremely steep Mortirolo, Albula, Fluela, Umbrail and the Ofen Pass.

The participants master the course together with their crews, who are in their respective support vehicles. There must be at least two persons with a driving licence in the support vehicle. The reason for this is, among other things, that the drivers of the support vehicle have to change over after five hours at the latest. The crew also serves to supply the cyclist; however, this may only be done at parking spaces or in a lay-by, under no circumstances from a moving car. The Race Across The Alps is navigated with the help of the road book provided by the race management, which the participants receive at the briefing.

Race Across The Alps

The race admits up to 45 long-distance riders who are able to complete the almost 525 km distance, including the 14,500 metres of altitude difference, within 32 hours.

Participant statement:

By registering, the participant confirms that he/she is subject to the rules and regulations and that he/she will inform himself/herself sufficiently about the route and sources of danger before the event. Participation in the briefing the day before is compulsory.

That he/she meets the physical requirements for participation (see also General terms and conditions)

That he/she has valid liability and health insurance and agrees to first aid measures and medical treatment.

Tracking & Timing

Tracking is done by a GPS tracker.
Start: Friday 13:00 Postplatz Nauders
Finish: Saturday Postplatz Nauders/Festwiese
Award ceremony: Saturday 16:30 Marquee 



Subject to change